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Limited 5 Year
Structural Warranty

This limited warranty is valid only between
 Superior Deck and Porch by PDK (SDP) and the original purchaser.

If the structure of the deck is ever compromised due to our workmanship, (SDP), at its discretion, will repair or rebuild the deck free of charge.

This warranty covers some of
(SDP)'s labor portion of the project, but not the materials. Some materials may be covered by a manufacturer's warranty. If not than you are responsible to purchase all the necessary materials.  Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any concern.

This warranty does not cover any 3rd party damage (i.e. using the area/item in a fashion other than it was intended and designed for). This warranty does not cover any “Acts of God” (although your homeowner's insurance might).

This warranty does not cover damages that result from owner's neglect or abuse. Specifically, it is the owner's responsibility to inspect their deck once a year to see if any structural supports appear to be loose or damaged. If damage is suspected, please contact us immediately to schedule a
(SDP) inspection. The exact wording and specifics of this warranty are subject to change or adjustment in the future at our discretion. Please save your original contract as proof of purchase for the deck.

It's simple, but it means what it says: If we did something wrong, we will take care of it.

 Normal maintenance issues such as wood color, wood warping, wood shrinkage, checking, cracking and splitting which can all be prevented  or minimized by the customer / homeowner is NOT covered in this warranty. You are responsible to keep your deck clean and well maintained by treating it with a wood protectant.  Misuse includes load issues such as adding a hot tub, roof, grill, fire pit, etc. to a part of the structure that was not designed to support that load / usage and was not specifically called for on the original contract. Under no circumstances will (SDP) accept responsibility for a maintenance issue or liability for incidental or consequential damages or injury resulting from a warranty or non-warranty issue.

Void unless signed and dated by a
Superior Deck and Porch by PDK authorized representative
at the time of completion.

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